About Us

Applewhite Aero is a high tech startup company founded to provide professional quality unmanned systems and engineering services at affordable prices and short lead times.

We offer turn-key solutions for the myriad of emerging civil services UAS can provide from agriculture to mapping to inspections to search and rescue. We believe that there is a disconnect between hobby level and military UAS, with few aircraft filling the void in between. Applewhite Aero strives to fill this gap with professional designs at an affordable cost.

In addition to our aircraft, Applewhite Aero can take your UAS concept or preliminary design to production in record time. Our engineers have experience in all phases of UAS development and can design to meet your specific mission requirements.

Applewhite Aero also offers a variety of engineering services. We have years of SolidWorks design experience, working with clients in fields ranging from aerospace to medical devices to sports equipment. Like our unmanned systems, we can turn your sketch into a full CAD model.

Paul Applewhite - Founder

Mr. Applewhite has over ten years of experience building aircraft for a variety of aerospace manufacturers including Grumman, McDonnell Douglas, and Sikorsky. He specializes in composite fabrication and assembly.