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Applewhite Aero
was founded to supply industry and government with unmanned vehicles for land, sea, and air. These vehicles are now possible in relatively low cost formats due to the emergent technologies of micro-controllers as well as the ubiquity of low cost, highly accurate sensors.

Applewhite Aero leverages these technologies in combination with extensive aerospace experience to provide the customer with superb value and functionality.

In addition, Applewhite Aero also offers engineering services for:

  • SolidWorks Design using Certified Professionals
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Initial Production in our manufacturing facility located in Seattle
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Composite Plug & Mold Design

The HALO Projects - If you are interested in inspiring young minds or using UAVs for humanitarian work, WE WANT YOU! Please click on the above Halo Projects tab for more information. 

Seattle, Washington

Applewhite Aero

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